6th Rochford Beavers Section

Fun. Friendship. Discovery.

Dive into the world of the 6th Rochford Beavers, where young children aged 6 to 8 start their scouting adventure!

At 6th Rochford, our Beavers program is specifically designed to engage the youngest scouts in a series of fun, educational activities that encourage curiosity and foster a sense of achievement. The 6th Rochford Beavers enjoy a playful, safe, and supportive environment where they can explore both the natural world and their burgeoning skills.

6th Rochford Beavers Activities

  • Nature Discovery: The Beavers engage in outdoor activities that introduce them to the wonders of nature, from simple nature trails to exciting wildlife discovery sessions.

  • Creative Projects: Arts and crafts are a big part of the fun, helping the Beavers express their creativity while developing fine motor skills.

  • Games and Team Building: Our games are designed to promote physical fitness and teamwork among the Beavers. This ensures that they learn the importance of working together while having a blast.

  • Local Community Engagement: The Beavers participate in local community events and small projects, which teach them about kindness and the joy of helping others from a young age.

Learning Through Play

We believe that the best way for Beavers to learn is through play. Our program incorporates a variety of playful and engaging activities that help Beavers understand basic scouting principles such as cooperation, respect for nature, and the basics of teamwork.

Why Join 6th Rochford Beavers?

  • Start of an Adventure: Begin a lifelong journey of learning and exploration with the Beavers.
  • Build Foundations: Develop important social and practical skills in a friendly and encouraging environment.
  • Make New Friends: Join a community of peers who share the enthusiasm for fun and discovery.
6th Rochford Beavers

Joining the 6th Rochford Beavers is the perfect start for children to explore the world in a structured, thrilling way. We welcome all children aged 6 to 8 to join our Beaver Colony. No previous experience with scouting is necessary—just a readiness to learn and have fun!

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