6th Rochford Cubs Section

Explore. Play. Grow.

Embark on your first adventure with the 6th Rochford Cubs, where fun and discovery are just the beginning!

The 6th Rochford Cubs section welcomes young adventurers aged 8 to 10½. At 6th Rochford, we provide a vibrant setting where Cubs can safely explore their surroundings, develop new skills, and forge lasting friendships. 6th Rochford Cubs are all about creating fun, educational experiences in a nurturing environment.

6th Rochford Cubs Activities

  • Outdoor Exploration: The Cubs enjoy the great outdoors through activities like camping trips, nature walks, and scavenger hunts, all designed to ignite a love of nature and outdoor adventure.

  • Creative Crafts: Our Cubs express their creativity through engaging arts and crafts projects that encourage artistic expression and skill development.

  • Games and Sports: The Cubs participate in a variety of games and sports that promote physical health, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

  • Community Engagement: Giving back is a big part of the Cubs experience. 6th Rochford Cubs take part in community service projects that underscore the importance of community involvement.

Learning Through Fun

At 6th Rochford we believe that the best learning happens through play. Our program includes exciting, fun-filled activities that teach practical life skills in an enjoyable way. Whether it’s learning first aid or mastering the basics of navigation, the Cubs are always engaged and learning even when they dont think they are.

Leadership and Confidence

We encourage our Cubs to take on leadership roles within their groups, helping to cultivate early confidence and leadership abilities. Activities are structured to encourage independence and sound decision-making within a supportive framework.

6th Rochford Cubs
6th Rochford Cubs

Why Join 6th Rochford Cubs?

  • Adventure and Fun: Cubs experience the thrill of adventure and the satisfaction of acquiring new skills.
  • Friendship: Build enduring friendships in a community that values respect and teamwork.
  • Growth: Develop key personal skills and confidence that will benefit you throughout life.

Becoming a 6th Rochford Cub is the start of an exciting journey. We welcome all children aged 8 to 10½ to join our friendly pack. No previous experience is necessary—just a spirit of adventure and a willingness to try new things!

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