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Discover the Operation Elephant Badge, a distinctive 75mm round badge that commemorates the inventive “Operation Elephant.” This initiative saw 6th Rochford scout leaders skillfully maneuver a large elephant statue into a friend’s garden, a feat that contributed to our fundraising for the Essex Jamboree 2024. Perfect for adorning camp blankets or for swapping at the Jamboree, this badge not only celebrates the resourcefulness and teamwork of our scouts but also supports their future scouting adventures. Each purchase directly aids the jamboree fund, with additional proceeds benefiting our scouting group’s general activities. Carry a piece of this unique story with you and help foster the spirit of scouting around the world.



Introducing the Operation Elephant Badge — a remarkable commemorative item that celebrates a unique and memorable event within the 6th Rochford scout community. This impressive badge is a substantial 75mm in diameter, perfectly crafted to adorn any camp blanket or to be exchanged with fellow scouts from around the globe at the Essex Jamboree 2024.

The Operation Elephant Badge was inspired by a whimsical yet challenging adventure dubbed “Operation Elephant.” This endeavor involved a team of dedicated 6th Rochford scout leaders who ingeniously maneuvered a hefty elephant statue, measuring 1.5 meters in height and extending over 2 meters from trunk to tail, into a friend’s garden. The statue, a prize from a charity raffle, required an inventive approach to transport—hoisting it over a garage roof and delicately lowering it to its new home in the garden. This event not only demonstrated the resourcefulness and teamwork of our scout group but also contributed to a fundraising effort that will support the groups participation in the upcoming jamboree.

Created as a symbol of this remarkable feat and a testament to the spirit of scouting, the Operation Elephant Badge serves as a memento that allows scouts and their friends to carry a piece of this extraordinary tale on their camp blankets. Furthermore, it fosters a sense of community and shared history, ideal for swapping stories and badges with scouts from different parts of the world at the jamboree.

Every purchase of this badge contributes directly to the jamboree fund, ensuring that our scouts have the support they need for this significant event. After the jamboree, remaining proceeds will continue to benefit our scouting group through our general fundraising efforts.

By acquiring the Operation Elephant Badge, you are not only getting a beautifully designed keepsake but also helping to fund the enriching experiences that shape the development of young scouts. This badge is more than just an emblem; it is a keepsake of camaraderie, adventure, and the indomitable scouting spirit.

You can read more about Operation elephant on our Blog Post here

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